Tour Mate Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: Wednesday, 17/05/2023

1 About us and legal

We, Tour Mate Tours LLC, a limited liability company situated in Dubai, hold a Travel and Tourism License (License number 1021948) with clearance to operate both inbound and outbound tours. We have the authority to arrange tours, visas, and transportation for foreign tourists visiting the UAE, as well as to organize and facilitate tourists’ packages, global visas, and flights to UAE residents/ locals who want to travel abroad.

2 Our Website

Tour Mate Tours LLC owns The website is also accessed by our team of travel consultants, content writers, and content managers, whose objective is to help travelers with the possible information about the services we offer. We handle numerous services involving immigration from multiple countries, excursion providers, transportation providers, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses that may change their policies at any time.

We advise travelers using our website to be cautious as it may contain information that has not been updated. It is impossible to update every single thing in the travel industry, so we kindly ask every client to double-check with a travel agent before purchasing any services from Tour Mate Tours.

3 Terms UAE Visa and Airport to Airport Visa Change

  • UAE visa fees must be paid during the application
  • Additional visa processing fees apply
  • UAE Visa fees are non-refundable under any circumstance
  • Visa processing takes 3 to 4 working days
  • Entry into the United Arab Emirates must be approved by the immigration
  • All visas are valid for entry into Dubai for 60 days from the date issued, apart from the 96-hour and 48-hour visas that are viable for 30 days from the date issued
  • Travelers with an airport-to-airport visa change are only allowed to stay in the airport for 24 hours. If our urgent visa processing delays, which happens occasionally, travelers are forced to return to their home country.
  • If an airport-to-airport visa change is denied, the client must go to their home country at their own expenses
  • If the client for whom we have issued visas in UAE overstays their visa, they will cover the fine charged by themselves. If you exceed certain days, you risk being absconded, and you will be responsible for all the fees and service charges to get the bolt out of the UAE or to switch to a residence visa.

4 Global Visa Processing

  • While our team puts efforts into meeting delivery deadlines, we are unable to guarantee any delivery times and will not be held liable in any way or for any amount of loss or delay brought about by circumstances beyond our control, including war, acts of God, weather, acts of public enemies, civil unrest, strikes, or omissions of public authorities.
  • Ours is a strictly no refund policy. Tour mates will not refund the visa fee or the service fees for any reason whatsoever. Tour Mate will not be responsible for refunding your fees even if your visa application is rejected by the embassy/consulate or the relevant authorities.
  • If you decide to overstay at a certain destination without proper authorization, you will be liable to bear the penalty charges, disciplinary actions, legal proceedings, etc., that the government or other relevant authorities impose. Tour Mate will not be held accountable.

5 Tours and Excursions

  • Tour Mate reserves the right to cancel any confirmed reservations under any circumstances. However, Tour Mate will not cancel guaranteed departure tours unless there are exceptional cases of force majeure, expounded here as war, the threat of war, riot, civil unrest, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, unfavorable weather, flights cancellation or any other external factor beyond Tour Mate's control.
  • Tour Mate will not compensate you if they are forced to cancel or change the tour in any way due to force majeure. If Tour Mate is unable to provide the tour booked, however, all the payments received (less any insurance premiums paid) will be returned to the traveler, or they will be given an alternative date.
  • The cancellation policy on the Tour Mate voucher takes effect if you decide to cancel your activity. We urge all our customers to carefully study the Tour Mate voucher to obtain all the necessary information.
  • If there is no indication of the cancellation policy on the Tour Mate voucher or the tour page, the following cancellation fees will be imposed for the respective service:
    • If you cancel no earlier than four days before the activity, you will be refunded in full.
    • No refund for cancellation made three days before the activity or if there is no show one day before the beginning of the activity.
  • Tour Mate or the supplier may cancel the activity without adhering to the cancellation policy if weather conditions, government actions, or other unexpected or unavoidable external factors endanger or make continuing with the activity significantly more difficult.

6 Methods Of Payment

Bank transfer and bank deposit

Clients can use our UAE bank account.

Account name: Tour Mate Tours LLC
Bank name: Emirates Islamic
Account: 3708445289201
IBAN : AE050340003708445289201
Branch: Sheikh Zayed Road
Address: Showroom 2, Al Wasl Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Currency: AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
City & Country: Dubai, UAE
Swift code: MEBLAEAD

7 DPO Pay – Network, Payment System Gateway

DPO is the biggest and fastest-growing payment gateway in the Middle East and Africa. Tour Mate Tours uses DPO to send simple payment links to pay. This payment system allows clients to make and receive business payments easily and securely and allow enterprises to trade locally, across borders, and internationally. DPO works with 100,000 retailers to enable modern electronic payments across all currencies and methods, including debit& credit cards, mobile money, or e-wallets.

8 Refund Policy

  • Refunds are processed within 30 business days by crediting the appropriate card that was used. The booking will be considered a cancellation if the credit card payment is completed before the booked service is honored, and you will be charged cancellation fees. Further damage claims are reserved.
  • Air tickets and partially used services are not eligible for refunds. Any changes to a confirmed booking must be advised by the lead passenger on the booking form and will be subject to the amended service and administration fee. Requested changes in booking cannot be guaranteed. It may be acceptable to transfer a booking to another suitable person or the date of departure or tour with corresponding standards and cost in the event that any number of the party is unable to travel due to death, injury, or serious illness of the customer, close relative or friend, redundancy, or jury service. The transfer notice must be confirmed by Tour Mate for it to be successful.
  • If Tour Mate is required to give a refund to a client, the refund amount will be calculated according to the rules mentioned above and will take consideration of evidence of exceptional circumstances into account. Tour Mate will not cover any fees charged by the client's bank to process the credited amount. After confirming hotel reservations, Tour Mate reserves the right to replace the hotels listed with others of a similar category. Hotels have the right to close facilities without notice for operational reasons.

9 UAE Tourism Dirhams

Hotels, Hotel Apartments, and Resorts in Dubai will only apply the 'Tourism Dirham Fees' structure from March 31, 2014, in compliance with the Dubai Government's Council Resolution No.2 of 2014.

Hotels, Hotel Apartments, and Resorts in Dubai will only apply the 'Tourism Dirham Fees' structure from March 31, 2014, in compliance with the Dubai Government's Council Resolution No.2 of 2014.

10 Outbound Holidays

  • Half-board or all-inclusive establishments may base their complimentary meals on specific dining venues.
  • When over two people share a room, the hotel may cite that this is based on the "existing bedding" in the room and not provide an additional bed as usual, although rollaway beds are frequently available upon request for an additional fee.
  • To qualify for infant status, the infant must be under two years on the date of their return flight. The infant status is not granted on behalf of and does not obligate the airlines listed here or any other airline whose services you have used during your travel arrangements.
  • We encourage all customers to purchase a fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance policy tailored to their specific needs before traveling. It is your duty to ascertain that the insurance coverage you choose is suitable and enough for your specific needs.
  • We suggest you contact your doctor at least six weeks before traveling to discuss any potential health requirements or vaccinations you may need in a foreign country. Some countries forbid the possession of certain prescription drugs; therefore, you should first verify with your consulate before you travel. You are obligated to ascertain that you are fit to travel and take part in all the services you have booked and contracted.
  • Your package does not include any excursions or other tours you choose to book while you are on vacation. Your contract will be with the excursion or tour operator and not with Tour Mate. We are not liable for the contingency of the excursion or tour or anything that occurs during the course of the excursion.
  • Due to flight delays, you might check in early or check out late from your accommodation, so you are encouraged to either book your accommodation the night before to ensure it will be available on your arrival or to extend your hotel reservation for the night of your departure so you have full access to its amenities until you check out. Our travel consultants will inform you of the flight timings so you can make suitable arrangements.