How Long Does it Take to Get a Saudi Tourist Visa from Dubai?

Last Updated: Monday, 03/08/2023

1 Overview

how long to get saudi visa

When applying for a Saudi visa from Dubai, the major concern is usually the time it takes for the visa to process. This knowledge helps one decide the perfect time to apply for a visa and generally plan your trip. A Saudi Arabia tourist visa is granted to foreigners traveling to Saudi for tourism purposes or visiting friends and family.

How long exactly will your tourist visa take to get processed? This guide will give insight into all your queries and further enlighten you on how to extend your visa.

2How Long Does it Take to Get a Saudi Tourist Visa from Dubai?

It takes 24-48 hours to get a Saudi tourist visa from Dubai. This is usually the standard processing time, but in some cases, visa processing may take longer. Visa processing may take as long as five days or even two weeks to be processed.

The Saudi visa processing time can be influenced by several factors, like the volume of visa applications being processed at a certain time, public holidays, or any technical issues that may come up.

3 What Are the Processing Times Options?

You can influence your Saudi visa processing time through the price you are willing to pay. There are three options available, namely:

  • Standard visa processing – when you go for this option, you will be charged USD 175.69 (around AED 645.31), and your visa will be processed within 5 days.
  • Rush processing – with this option, your visa will be ready within three days for a fee of USD 198.99 (around AED 730.89), including the service fees.
  • Super rush processing – this is the fastest option for visa processing. You can get your Saudi visa in 24 hours for a fee of USD 223.99(approximately 822.72 AED), including the service fee.

The visa fee is non-refundable even when the visa takes more time to process or is denied. Even if you pay for the super rush processing, there are some unavoidable circumstances that may cause the delay in processing, and in such cases, the visa agency is not liable to refund the amount paid.

4 How To Apply for Saudi Tourist Visa from Dubai

How Long Does it Take to Get a Saudi Tourist Visa from Dubai?

To apply for a Saudi visa from Dubai, contact TourMate for a hassle-free experience. Send all the required documents through email to TourMate visa assistance to start your application. Pay the visa fee, including the service charges.

TourMate will fill out your application, examine the documents and submit the application. You can track your visa application using the reference number issued to you when the application is received.

The agency will notify you when the visa is ready and will be sent to you through email.

5 What Are The Requirements to Apply for Saudi Tourist Visa

  • Applicants must have a UAE residence visa valid for more than three months
  • Applicant passport should be valid for over six months
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • An Emirates ID showing both the front and rear
  • Applicants below 18 should be accompanied by parents or guardians, and if alone, they should have a signed consent letter from the parents or guardian.
  • A passport-sized photograph of the applicant

Ensure that you submit the accurate and correct details for the visa application, as the decision to approve or deny the application majorly depends on the documents submitted. You risk visa denial when you submit inaccurate documents or false information about yourself.

6 How long is The Saudi Tourist Visa Valid?

The Saudi tourist e-Visa is valid for one year and allows you to stay in the Kingdom for up to 90 days. You must exit the country within 90 days before the visa expires. According to a recent statement by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, foreigners cannot apply for visa extensions even if they wish to stay in the country for more days.

7 How Can One Extend Their Stay in Saudi Arabia?

If you are in Saudi on a tourist visa ad wish t extend your stay, you must first depart the country to apply for a visa extension. A visa extension cannot be processed while you are still in the country. Applying for an extension while in Saudi will attract penalties, and the application will be denied.

8 What Are The Conditions to Apply for Saudi Visa Extension?

Below are the primary conditions for applying for a Saudi tourist visa extension:

  • The tourist visa must be valid for a week or less when the application is made
  • The tourist should not have any outstanding traffic violations against them
  • The tourist should possess a valid passport
  • The applicant should pay the visa extension fee in full
  • The applicant must confirm they were in Saudi before the visa expiry

You will be charged USD 26.59 (SAR 100) to extend your Saudi tourist visa. You will be required to pay an additional USD 133 (SAR 500) as a fine if you apply for a visa extension three days after your visa has expired.